Perfect service for our customers

As you know, the best nets come from Spain. Endriagonets is one of the leading companies in the manufacture of safety. Sports, safety, industrial and hay nets. The family-run company was founded in 2018. For almost ten years, the family has a company that is one oft he largest providers in Europe for the need of hay nets.

Of course in Germany nothing works without Spanish nets.

In Order to ensure the quality and production for the growing market in the field of nets in the future, the Spanish company Endriagonets with ist own production was founded.

The committed start with four employees has become a solid company with around 30 employees in just a few years. The vertical range of products was successively increased and at the same time relied on personal customer service. All inquiries are answered by native speakers.


Combines German reliability
with Spanish know-how

Thanks to many years from the Europe-wide trade in hay nets, the quality standards for Endriagonets are set at the highest level. Both the productions oft he products and the contact with the customers are constantly evaluated according to defined cirteria. With the decision to locate porduction in Spain, the family deliberately relied on the decades of industry expertise of this region.

The CEO is Romeo Santangelo-Morais, who grew up in Germany.
He knows the Netting Industry in Spain like no other and has an exeptionally well-founded knowledge in all areas.

„Romeo is form e like my own family and the mainstay oft he company, beside our employees“
says Steffen Korinth „without him nothing works“.


Inhaber von Endriagonets Steffen Korinth